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Tax advice

The complexity and depth of regulation for German tax law is enormous. This is heightened by constant changes. Every day companies face decisions that could have tax consequences. International issues are becoming ever more complicated. We have made excellent preparations for these challenges and have international arrangements in place as a result of our membership of HLB.

When it comes to tax advice we prepare annual accounts for our clients and it goes without saying that we offer comprehensive support in fulfilling your tax obligations. We also develop tax arrangements for our clients that are carefully matched to their requirements. We also represent them in tax proceedings, both in and outside of court.

We work on the following areas for our clients, many of whom have been clients for many years:

Annual accounts and advice on declarations

  • Generating annual accounts giving advice thereon
  • Preparation of complementary and supplementary tax balance sheets
  • Preparation of profit and loss accounts
  • Advice on all tax issues relating to annual accounts, accounting law issues and accounting tax law
  • Producing corporate and personal tax returns
  • Auditing tax statements
  • Preparing applications of all kinds

If necessary we also handle financial accounting and payroll services for our clients. For this use the DATEV system and all of its application areas especially cost centre accounting and pending item bookkeeping.

Creative tax advice

  • Advice on selecting legal form
  • Tax arrangement for corporate reorganisations (e.g. mergers, demergers, change of legal form, contributions of assets, etc.)
  • Tax planning for corporate and asset succession, gifts and testamentary succession
  • Advice on international tax law both within and beyond Europe in cooperation with our international HLB partners

Transaction advice

  • Tax arrangements for corporate purchases and sales
  • Implementing due diligence checks
  • Developing the best possible sales arrangement for tax purposes
  • Support for buyers to develop the best possible finance for the investment from a tax perspective

Implementation advice

  • Support for external tax audits
  • Representation with financial authorities
  • Advice for tax collection procedures (e.g. deferral, waivers, abolition)
  • Representation in financial and administrative courts on tax matters

Dear Sir or Madam!

The coronavirus (Covid-19) has reached the local economy. We are taking the rapidly changing situation very seriously. We aim to provide you with the best possible support in this difficult time. To protect your health and ours we have restricted our opening hours.

For you as our customer, this means:

From now on, we can only be reached by e-mail and telephone, no longer in person on site. If an in person meeting is absolutely necessary please contact us via phone first, so we can organise it. Nevertheless we are of course happy to answer any questions you may have by telephone and e-mail!

We wish you all the best in these challenging times and above all that you stay healthy!