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Sujetbild Business law advice

Business law advice

We see business law advice as part of the overall consulting approach. The disappearance of national boundaries, increasing globalisation and the opening of new markets give companies new challenges every day, even if they only operate on the German market.

In global competition entrepreneurs must exploit opportunities in good time, as well as recognise and limit risks. The associated legal issues are becoming ever more complex and require a competent partner.

Especially when it comes to retail and corporate law the ideal solutions can only be found after considering the tax law, business management and accounting law issues. As a result of the interdisciplinary cooperation between tax advisers, business auditors and lawyers, we are able to offer clients customised solutions from a single source.

Our lawyers work in cross-specialist teams of auditors, tax advisors and management consultants. We support you in mediation and conciliation cases. We provide joint support for contested in-court disputes with the forensic lawyers of our cooperation partners.

We have the necessary industry knowledge to develop individual solution concepts for the following legal areas:

Business law

  • General terms and conditions
  • Company and contract law
  • Conversion law
  • Commercial representative law
  • Insolvency law
  • Comprehensive support for corporate succession
  • Selecting the company type whilst considering company and commercial law
  • Advice and implementing changes to the legal form
  • Organising company and inheritance law issues
  • Contract advice for all civil and commercial law issues

Tax law

  • Earnings tax law (income, corporate income and business tax law)
  • Value-added tax law and special transaction taxes
  • Excise duty and taxes
  • Calculating profit for tax purposes and accounts tax law
  • Corporate tax law for partnerships and limited liability companies
  • Tax-optimised corporate and legal form
  • Conversion tax law
  • Inheritance and donation tax law
  • Corporate succession and tax arrangements
  • Tax approval for various types and models of investment
  • Tax-optimised arrangements for property purchase and ownership
  • International tax law and law relating to double taxation treaties
  • Tax proceedings law and legal aid procedures
  • Tax criminal matters and regulatory offences
  • Finance court adversary proceedings

Employment law

  • Warnings
  • Employment contracts
  • Directors’ and management board contracts
  • Termination agreements
  • Preparing for and defending terminations
  • Post-contractual competition law

Inheritance law

  • Preparing wills, inheritance contracts
  • Will enforcement
  • Corporate succession
  • Inheritance tax law
  • Inheritance disputes
  • Compulsory portion and augmentation of compulsory portion
  • Corporate and private practice succession models
  • Anticipated succession
  • Optimising the subsequent inheritance tax
  • Asset and inheritance trusteeships

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