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We provide the complete range of possible auditing services:

From auditing annual and consolidated accounts for all industries and legal types right through to due diligence. In this our approach to business auditing goes far beyond checking numbers and compliance with the key, formal, legal regulations. It is based on a comprehensive understanding of the business and our client’s corporate structure. The basis for this is industry-company-specific knowledge acquired over many years and through intensive cooperation with our clients.

Our business auditing is at a high level of quality and this is checked regularly by internal and external quality assurance measures. As a result of our successful participation in external quality checks in line with Section 57 ff WPO (Peer Review) we meet the statutory requirements for implementing final audits.

There are also regular internal quality checks carried out in the HLB network (Internal Office Review)

Audits and reports

  • Statutory audits
  • Voluntary audits
  • Special audits
  • Planning and reporting
  • Consulting services associated with audits
  • Outsourcing
  • Social auditing and advice


  • International accounting

Transactions and finance

  • Company valuations
  • Corporate finance
  • Risk management systems
  • Purchase price allocation
  • Public / private partnership

Restructuring and crisis management

  • Recovery and reorganisation
  • Restructuring audits

Systems, processes and organisation

  • IT and business audit
  • Internal auditing

Dear Sir or Madam!

The coronavirus (Covid-19) has reached the local economy. We are taking the rapidly changing situation very seriously. We aim to provide you with the best possible support in this difficult time. To protect your health and ours we have restricted our opening hours.

For you as our customer, this means:

From now on, we can only be reached by e-mail and telephone, no longer in person on site. If an in person meeting is absolutely necessary please contact us via phone first, so we can organise it. Nevertheless we are of course happy to answer any questions you may have by telephone and e-mail!

We wish you all the best in these challenging times and above all that you stay healthy!